“As the owner of a growing business in several states…I have peace of mind in knowing that I have talented people at The Personnel Department taking care of important aspects of my business for me. Their Staff is professional and responsive to my needs…The Personnel Department has been a valuable partner...”
Shipping Company in Multiple States – TPD Client since 1997

“TPD is efficient, flexible, helpful, understanding, and professional. They have saved us from day-to-day employee problems and have given us welcome relief from the many hassles involved in payroll, 401(k) plans, taxes, health insurance, etc.”
Engineering Firm in Colorado – TPD Client since 2000

“We have always received personalized service from top notch professionals. Over the years I have looked at other alternatives to The Personnel Department, and could not find another company offering the same quality of service for the fees paid.”
Financial Services Company in Colorado – TPD Client since 1999

“The Personnel Department has been a great find for me. I recommend them all of the time. It is really great to have a “turn-key” HR and payroll solution.”
Attorney’s Office in Colorado – TPD Client for since 1999

“The payroll systems you have in place are easy to use and always insure accuracy, and your help in securing medical benefits for our group is invaluable.”
Land Development Company in Colorado – TPD Client for since 2001

“Our transition to your company was extremely smooth and hassle free. Everything to date has been done in a professional and timely manner…thank you for making such a wonderful difference…”
Medical Office in Colorado – TPD Client for since 2002

“The Personnel Department staff is courteous and responds quickly to any requests that we have…The services The Personnel Department provide allow us to concentrate on our company requirements and leave the entire human resources fulfillment to a group that specializes in those areas.”
Software Development Company in Colorado – TPD Client for since 2001

“Having been with several payroll companies, we are pleased to say that we have now found our final resting place. They are courteous and knowledgeable which saves us time in our daily business activities.”
Graphic Design Company in California – TPD Client for since 2002

“I’m pleased to say that the people at TPD I deal with are extremely helpful, polite, fun, knowledgeable and have a genuine concern to help their clients. It doesn’t matter if I need them on the phone for 2 minutes or 2 hours, they spend the time with me, they make me feel special.”
Technical Services Company in North Carolina – TPD Client since 2001